Alternative Dispute Resolution

While litigation is an important tool for you to protect or defend your rights, sometimes settlement is the next most important step rather than continuing a fight.  In a dispute, you want the most knowledgeable person in your corner—someone you trust to know and represent your best interests.  We are your advocates to make sure you receive the most favorable resolution to disputes.  When settlement is in your best interest, we work diligently to achieve favorable resolution of patent, trademark and copyright-related disputes.  We draw on our depth of experience negotiating and drafting settlement agreements, co-existence agreements, assignments, and licenses to bring disputes to an end so that you can go back to growing your business.  

Leason Ellis has represented clients in various Alternative Dispute Resolution settings, including private mediations, such as those provides by Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services (JAMS), as well as court-organized programs such as the Southern District of New York Mediation Program. 

Leason Ellis attorneys have received mediation training, and have themselves served as mediators.