Brand Enforcement and Counterfeits

Knocking off the Knock Offs

Leason Ellis is well-versed and experienced in handling all aspects of IP enforcement, in which we combat knock-off artists and counterfeiters seeking to rip off our clients’ successful products.  For example, LE has built a vigorous and successful enforcement program on behalf of client Smoko, Inc., in which we regularly police Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and other e-commerce platforms for knock-off and counterfeit versions of Smoko’s many whimsical and uniquely designed products.  We have helped our client secure its sales market by removing dozens of infringing listings from these platforms, and further, we have secured a series of favorable financial settlements on behalf of Smoko with particularly egregious knock-off sellers.

Defended Fair Competition

Leason Ellis defended and negotiated favorable settlement for Chinese client in a trademark infringement and counterfeiting case relating to apparel.  The client sought Leason Ellis’ counsel after having a temporary restraining order entered against it, which froze its payment accounts and website.  We were able to get our client back in operation within a matter of days. 

A Proficiency at Whack-A-Mole

The secret to success at Whack-a-mole, is to be better, cheaper and faster, not compared to the counterfeiters, but compared to other products that are counterfeited.  Leason Ellis provides subscription-based services to trademark owners to monitor ‘the usual suspects’ – non-U.S. ecommerce sites, that habitually offer counterfeit items.  Through the systematic, cost-effective and persistent use of takedown procedures, sends out the message to counterfeiters that there are easier prey.  Leason Ellis employs Chinese-language speakers to add to its investigative abilities.

Victory is Sweet

Leason Ellis obtained a Temporary Restraining Order ("TRO") in federal court on behalf of client Honeywell International Inc. against a former licensee to prohibit the sale of unauthorized Honeywell branded televisions in the U.S.  After obtaining the TRO, we successfully negotiated with the Defendant for entry of a Consent Judgment, which included monetary damages and a permanent injunction.