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The Hon. Charles L. Brieant Jr. Federal Building and Courthouse White Plains, NY

The Hon. Charles L. Brieant Jr. Federal Building and Courthouse White Plains, NY

Almost all of our attorneys worked at large Manhattan-based firms prior to joining Leason Ellis.  When our litigators left Manhattan for Westchester County, they kept in mind the age-old adage that “good lawyers know the law; great lawyers know the judge.”  It is why we are not only meticulous in our litigation of IP cases before the judges assigned to the White Plains Division of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York (located just a few blocks away from our offices) but equally, if not more, meticulous about monitoring IP cases adjudicated by those judges for litigants we do not represent.  No one can ever know how a judge will apply (or create) precedent for any given case, but our litigation team believes our clients are best served by a home-court familiarity based on a working knowledge of relevant and timely local jurisprudence.


Location: The Hon. Charles L. Brieant Jr. Federal Building and Courthouse

300 Quarropas St, White Plains, NY 10601 - 4150

Phone: (914) 390-4100

Fax: (914) 390-4180

United States Magistrate Judges

Magistrate Judge Paul E. Davison

Magistrate Judge Judith C. McCarthy

Magistrate Judge Lisa Margaret Smith

Magistrate Judge George A. Yanthis

United States District Judges:

Judge Vincent L. Briccetti

Judge Kenneth M. Karas

Judge Nelson S. Roman

Judge Cathy Seibel

Travel: The Courthouse is just a few blocks from the Metro-North train station and one block east of the parking garage at the Galleria Shopping Mall.

A Metro North train schedule can be viewed at http://as0.mta.info/mnr/schedules/sched_form.cfm

From the Tappan Zee Bridge: Take the Cross Westchester Expressway East, Interstate 287, to exit 5, Route 119, Tarrytown Road East. Go under the railroad bridge to the Galleria Mall Parking Garage.

From the Cross Westchester Expressway: Interstate 287 West, take exit 6, Route 22 N Broadway. Go left on Route 22 to Martine Avenue. Turn right on Martine Avenue and proceed to the Galleria Mall Parking Garage.

From Putnam and Dutchess Counties: Take the Taconic Parkway South to the Bronx River Parkway. Take exit 22 to Route 119, Tarrytown Road. Go left on Route 119, and under the railroad bridge to the Galleria Mall Parking Garage.

From the Bronx River Parkway North: Take exit 21, Main Street. Go right on Main Street to the Galleria Mall Parking Garage.


1. "Lexington-Grove West" Galleria Mall Municipal Parking Garage adjacent to the Galleria Mall. You should enter this garage from Martine Avenue, Main Street or South Lexington Avenue. 

 2. Parking Under the White Plains Pubic Library. The entrance is on Martine Ave.

3. Metered Parking on Quarropas Street and Fischer Ct. 

History:  In 1978, the U.S. Congress designated White Plains, New York, where patriots fought for liberty on October 28, 1776 and the Declaration of Independence was first read in New York on July 10, 1776, as a "place of holding court." On October 17, 1983, the United States Courthouse opened in White Plains, New York. This first courthouse was a leased facility, but in 1991, Congress authorized the construction of a new courthouse.

The new courthouse, located at 300 Quarropas Street, opened on May 15, 1995. On November 13, 1995, during the administration of President William J. Clinton, the U.S. Courthouse in White Plains, New York was so dedicated. 

Both U.S. District Judges and U.S. Magistrate Judges preside over cases filed at the White Plains Courthouse. Each judge participates in Electronic Case Filing (ECF).

Also, located within the White Plains Courthouse are the Bankruptcy Court, Pretrial Services, Federal Defenders, U. S. Probation, U.S Marshal Service and an Office of the U.S. Attorney.

The White Plains Clerk’s Office is located on the first floor, directly behind the security check-in area.